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Sienna Bloom was born in the heart of Ibiza, the creative vision of designer Daya Cabestany.

Growing up on the magical Mediterranean island, Daya was immersed in the vibes of freedom, beauty and creativity for which Ibiza’s bohemian movement was renowned. Keeping the island as a base, she dedicated her twenties to travelling extensively to explore new cultures and customs around the world, and finding inspiration to bring home in spirit.

After spending some years working in the fashion industry, Daya now feels aligned to her true passion for jewellery design. Inspired by women of the world and the way they have been powerfully attracted to jewellery throughout the ages, the Sienna Bloom collections are a reflection of beauty, fantasy and a celebratory attitude towards life. Bringing spirituality into action is a very present message in Daya’s designs.

Handmade in Spain by a small team of women who share a passion for creating jewellery to be enjoyed, Sienna Bloom uses a sleek silver-plated four metal alloy base that is 100-percent nickel free (to avoid allergic reactions) combined with organic materials such as waxed cotton and leather strings, cotton tassels and natural gemstones. Each carefully designed pieces is versatile and can be adapted to suit any moods or style whether on a bohemian summer holiday or in day-to-day city life.

“The Sienna Bloom philosophy is to embrace individuality and spirituality, and bring elements of self-love, femininity and playfulness into the daily lives of women
all over the globe.”